Top Embroidery Machines 2017 - Buyer's Guide

Embroidery Machines

I wanted to make embroidery like professionals, and see to buy the best embroidery machines in 2017?

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Embroidery machines have been used for a long time for manufacturing purposes. Currently, you can access modern and modern machines. The design of old cars differs from modern machines, but their operating principle is almost the same.

The best embroidery machines 2017

A large number of embroidery and sewing machines with different characteristics and qualities are available on the market. These machines help to glue and decorate the clothes of your family members or sell them on the market. For your convenience, we have prepared a list of the top 10 best machines for embroidery 2017. This list will help you get the right machine for you.

What is an embroidery machine and why do you need it?

Embroidery machines are commercially used in uniform decoration, corporate advertising and branding of the product. Hobbyists use this embroidery machine for personal crafts and sewing projects. There are many types of embroidery machines for developing different models, because these computerized machines have saved templates for embroidering with several threads and heads.

Beautiful embroidered portraits and dresses are in high demand in the market. People are willing to pay any price for these works of art. You can dream of developing these embroideries in your home, because there are some embroidered pieces of your grandmother or mother. Now with the help of an embroidery machine it is easy to create unique drawings by hand. There are many modern embroidery machines on the market with many unique features. Some machines are designed with USB support and an Internet connection. You can download new templates to your computer and sewing machine. These machines help create floral designs, fantastic images and fonts.

These machines are an idea for those who want to bring their embroidery skills to a new level. The best machines for embroidery and sewing are available for your help. Currently, you can access different types of embroidery machines with built-in templates from the market. Some machines offer boot options, and some allow you to transfer compatible files via the USB port. You can choose any machine according to your needs, to move one step forward in the tailoring of the game.

How to find the best embroidery machines today?

If you want to buy an excellent embroidery machine, you need to consider a machine with autopilot functions and thread tension. For qualified collectors it is easy to control these aspects manually. The newcomer should look for a car with constant speed and voltage. The embroidery machine must have boot options of the bobbin and a simple colored thread. Embroidery requires the use of a special thread and for this purpose; You have to reel up the reel several times. You must select a machine with automatic functions to rewind the coil. The best machine offers thousands of models and a spacious work area for processing large jobs.

Embroidery machines play an important role in the fashion industry. Unlike old sewing machines, you can take advantage of automated sewing machines. There are some special machines that can add hypnotic beauty to your dresses, sheets and curtains.Embroidery machines can cost from 300 to 8000 US dollars, depending on the software embroidery machines. Some embroidery machines are designed only for embroidery. Embroidery machines allow you to create beautiful patterns on various textiles. You must select the machine for the list.

Choosing an embroidery machine can be a challenge for you, because many options are available on the market. There are a number of factors that can be useful for choosing the right embroidery machine for you. The most important factors are brand name, function, design, style, ease of use and your goal is to purchase this device. It is very important to consider the width of the throat, the embroidery unit of the machine, the available hoops and accessories, built-in embroidery designs, the digitization of software and services, and the warranty offered by the dealer. You should consider your budget before choosing an embroidery machine

1. PE770 the Brother - The best embroidery machine for home business

 It's time to take their embroidery skills at an advanced level with the help of Brother PE770 embroidery machine, which is the best machine for your home business. This special machine has an extensive embroidery area of ​​5 x 7 inches; Therefore, you can easily sew bags, decor items and jackets. You will get enough space to rotate and combine drawings, frames, borders and inscriptions for custom creatures.

The built-in library is available with 136 projects. You can take advantage of the built-in USB port to easily import your favorite projects onto a memory card. It's easy to save your favorite projects for future use in its built-in memory.

This machine is ideal for any home embroiderer, which requires a special, versatile and fast embroidery machine. Thanks to a 25-year warranty and free support, you can get the maximum advantage of this machine.

Main functions

Some of the highlighted functions of the Brother sewing: for the embroidery machine only:

·  Big 5 × 7 inches Region for Embroidery: Extensive 5 "x7" embroidery area offers maximum space for monogram, combining design with less re-Hooping, letters and more designs. You can make these projects on sacks, blankets and backs.

·                    Slot for embroidery cards: Get the advantage of built-in memory card slots to make embroidery designs available in the Brother embroidery cards. You have to buy them separately.

·                    Ease of Use: This machine is easy to use, backlit touch screen display (LCD). With the 1.4 × 2.7 inch LCD - display (touch screen), you can access and edit complex structures function. They are easily circumvented and used. The machine is supplied with a threaded needle. It is easy to follow the thread chart given by numbers.

·                    Editing functions: This function allows you to get an edge flip, rotate, reduce and enlarge the size of structures and to see the final form of the amended design in the LCD - display, before stitching the design.

·                    Built-in memory: You can improve the design of the stick, or easily import your favorite design from . Upgrade this machine by downloading updates. You must purchase the USB drive separately.

·                    Quick set bobbin: Simply drop in the bobbin and drag the thread through one slot, and start to embroider.

·                    Auto thread trimmer: This function is actually a time-saver that allows you to have a lower and upper thread is cut, with only one click of a button.


·                    great stitch quality.

·                    Preset designs.

·                    Reduce eye strain when stitching.


·                    Can 't work without computer knowledge.

·                    It can be louder while the hoops are moving.


2. Computer Embroidery Machine Brother SE400









 With the help of Brother SE400 you can easily design various projects. With this embroidery machine you can get a high-quality and individual look. The SE400 offers a full range of stitch functions with 98 stitch functions and 67 sewing stitches. These functions will help you decorate your gifts, clothes and household items.

With 70 built-in decorative patterns, five alphabetic fonts and 12 combinations of frames and patterns on your PC, you can make beautiful fabrics. Thanks to the LCD display, convenient manual and built-in textbooks, you can easily create your favorite projects.This will be the right choice for artisans, collectors and fashion designers.

Main functions

·        This unique machine can cover the embroidery area 4X4 inches, and you can get the freedom to work independently.

·                    LCD touch screen and easy-to-use backlit display help you easily access editing functions, built-in designs and tutorials.

·                    Automatic needle guide to reduce tension. There is no need to buy a magnifying glass and tweezers.

·                    With the help of the updates, you can save the updated and imported SE400 models. Users can access standard .pes digitization formats and ibroidery files in .pen format.

·                    Bright working space and trouble-free preparation of the bobbin with a fast and reliable bobbin winding system.


·   Load unique collections of designs for embroidery.

·   Get the benefit of an exciting mix of your creativity.

·    Automatic rewind function to save your time.


·  It only has a data capacity of 512 KB, so it's impossible to download all the projects at once.

·   The machine will not recognize designs smaller than 4 or 4 inches.



3. LB6800PRW the Brother - The best embroidery machine for beginners

 If you want to get the best combination of embroidery and sewing machines, this model can be a good choice for you. This edition of the runway offers a full range of stitching functions and 67 sewing stitches. This will help you add decorative and beautiful decorations to your unique creations.

You can take advantage of the built-in embroidery design and 120 frame designs, fonts with five inscriptions and 70 decorative patterns. With the built-in USB-port it's easy to import your favorite projects from PC. With the help of a movable bag, you can easily protect your car. LCD display and built-in tutorials make this machine an excellent choice for beginners. The user manual is available in Spanish and English.

Main functions

· 67 inalienable   Stitches: This model offers 67 built-in stitches, such as heirloom, quilting and stitching. This will help you complete your home d é cor and fashion projects.

· 70 included   Constructions   Embroidery: With these designs, including fonts and 5 frames templates will create a variety of designs for children, animals and holidays.

· Almost 4 × 4 inches Embroideries Area: This area is perfect to add your favorite designs on t-shirts, towels and napkins with letters and add fun to dress your children.

· Simple-to-use LCD - display: Using the LCD touch - screen, it's easy for everyone to access the built-in stitches and embroidery frames, editing and printing functions.

· Built-in tutorials: Using the built-in text books, all can learn to use the machine, automatic rewinding spools and accurately keep the spool of thread.

· Editing Features: With this function, you can easily change the design size, rotation and mirroring your design before you sew it.

·  Import Design and updating of machines: You can import projects from your personal computer or purchased from and other sites. It is easy to download updates to always keep your computer up to date. The USB cable is available with the machine.

· Super Coil system for the bobbin: You can thread the bobbin easily pressing only one "Start" key and the button can save you time.

·  Reliable Drop-in bobbin: With jam-resistant and smooth, you can quickly bobbin thread.

·  7-Point for feeding dogs: Breast tissue is very smooth just out - for feed dogs 7-point makes it easy to feed a variety of tissues. There is no need to work with additional light, because you will get a bright light near the needle area.


· Connect to a computer to download new projects from the Internet.

·  Video lessons for your guide.

·   It can be ideal for Disney projects on fabrics.


·  The roll bag is not strong enough to carry the machine anywhere.

·  Features similar to SE-400.

·   There is not enough memory to load all your projects.


4. SE1800 Brother - Best Sewing and Embroidery Machine

 Prepare to erase your creativity with the help of the embroidery and sewing machine Brother SE1800. You can take advantage of the built-in designs and stitches. The embroidery machine provides a 5 × 7 inch embroidery box to easily make designs available on the market. With a 5-inch multi-position hoop 5 × 12 inches, you will easily manage larger embroidery patterns without re-processing.

The Brother SE1800 has 6 built-in fonts and 136 built-in embroidery designs. You can start embroidery right away. The USB port allows you to store thousands of beautiful embroidery patterns on your USB drive. You can store your design anywhere in accordance with your needs.

On the LCD screen of the touch screen, you can increase the actual size of your design or turn the embroidery design. With 184 stitches you can use it as a complete sewing and embroidery machine. Thanks to the quick-release bobbin injection system and the automatic needle thread, you can save your frustration and time. The Grand Slam embroidery package is available together with the threaded box along with the number of embroidery threads 64 and CD with 15,000 embroidery patterns, pre-tension coils, stabilizer, thread converter III, nose hoop, cap, embroidery scissors for the stork.

Main functions of the SE1800

·                    Grand Slam Package: The package value of $ 1170 is available for embroidery can be with embroidery machine.

·                    Built-in the USB - port: You can use a USB flash drive to easily transfer projects on your machine without having to install any - any additional software.

·                    Built-in Embroidery Designs: You can get the advantage of 136 integrated design embroidery lettering fonts and six. You can easily make a beautiful design on a 5 × 7 inch field embroidery. Your design will be easily completed in a few steps.

·                    Beautiful Built-in stitches: 184 integral stitches and ten buttonhole styles, you can easily decorate your fabric with lateral and horizontal sewing. You will receive a 5 × 5 and 7 × 12 hoop overcasting foot, automatic loop stitch leg, foot for button, the coil Thread forbobbins, spools, kneelifter, pedal and t. d.


·                    Available with all important accessories.

·                    A handy guide for using the machine.

·                    Grand Slam set   64 yarns   embroidery.


·                    Needles can break during their use.

5. Overview of the embroidery machine Brother PE500

 The PE500 can be an ideal choice for embroidery enthusiasts. This exciting machine is loaded with a variety of functions and convenient embroidery designs. The Brother PE500 has the most modern functions available only on expensive machines.

This machine will make your embroidery full of pleasure and excitement. This machine makes it easier for you to recycle clothes by adding fashionable ornaments. You can turn your blankets and pillows into individual items. This will help you develop monograms, home decor and much more.

Features of PE500 Highlighted

·                    Extensive 4 × 4 inches embroidery Area: Using 4 × 4 inches Field of embroidery, you Get Creative Freedom for Fabrication Of various structures.

·                    Backlit LCD - Display: LCD touch - screen with a convenient backlight make it easy to gain access to the integrated design, control functions of editing and view tutorials.

·                    Automatic and Continuous needle threader: Forget the tweezers and a magnifying glass to gain an advantage. With one click you can use the threading function of your device.

·                    Connect your computer: You can keep your computer updated because the online update is available for the machine. PE500 support .pes files and .pen ibroidery for Digitization Design and Does their Accessible for Broad The audience after purchases Of thisproduct.

·                    Starter kit for embroidery: Besides a full range of accessories, you can get a starter kit with PE500 and start your first project. To control the average weight, there are 3 coils with an embroidery thread and 3 sheets of the mass stabilizer.

·                    Bright Workspace: There's no need to organize a task light because the bright light is available near the needle area.

·                    Easy Preparation reel: In order to facilitate threading, PE500 offers winding system to quickly prepare your reel. No need to catch fish in a string, because there is an available system for the reel.


·                    throw system for reel to avoid washing and bobbin thread.

·                    It supports files .pes and .pen ibroidery.

·                    LCD touch screen for accessing and editing projects.


·                    The machine works well, but requires additional software.

·                    It is more difficult to use for beginners.

6. Embroidery machine Brother PE540D

 PE540D machine is equipped with 70 built-in decorative designs, five fonts and 35 great design Disney. With a field of embroidery 4 × 4 inches, you can easily make your favorite designs on the fabric. If you want to decorate the dress your children, you can use the built-in 35 designs Disney. Each user can use 120 frame constructions, 5 letter fonts and 70 decorative patterns to decorate the quilts, pillows, blankets and clothes.

It is easy to see any structure on the LCD display, available with illumination. Thanks to a 25-year warranty, bilingual guide for users and online technical and free customer support for the entire life of the product, you can get the advantage of this machine over a longer period of time.

Online tutorials are available to make your job easy. Simply connect your machine to a computer and import thousands of projects from iBroidery or other sites. Available hoop 4 × 4 for embroidery, bobbin, needle set, USB cable and coil. You will receive coils network coil caps, screwdriver, cleaning brush, set of needles, ripper stitches, scissors, USB-cable, touch pen, power cord, operating instructions in English and Spanish and a brief guide to users.

PE540D Illuminated

·Embroidery only Machine: PE540D embroidery only machine available with 70 integrated decorative designs and 5 fonts , 350 graphics Disney and other designs . You can also import other projects to enhance their creativity. Built-in memory simplifies the protection of all your projects.

·                    4 × 4 Embroidery State : inch square 4 × 4 for embroidery ideally suited for adding Nemo , Mickey Mouse and other characters in the Disney school bags , jeans and gifts children .

·                    Computer Connection: with a USB cable to connect to the Internet and PE540D import your favorite projects in the PES format .

·                    LCD touch screen display and backlight: Use the LCD display, you can get access to the integrated design, control the editing functions, see the different textbooks and see the final appearance of the product.

·                    Automatic and Worry-free needle threader: With the help of this function, just forget about the tweezers and a magnifying glass to throw away. Get advantage of the needle threader with a single touch.

·                    Drop- in and the Quick-Set Bobbin System :     The system of quick installation and immunity reels will help you quickly to wind your bobbin. Bobbin winding system is integrated and easy to use. See. Super bright area of the needle to easily see the surface of the fabric.


·                    Inscriptions and fonts.

·                    Easy to connect to your computer to import any design.

·                    Bush for the bobbin and needle threader.


·                    This machine is not suitable for countries without the support of 120 V AC. You can ' t even use a single voltage adapter.

·                    Embroidery Only Machin.

·                    4 × 4 inch embroider space can be small for some designs .


7. Brother Designio DZ820E only for embroidery machines

 Designio DZ820E - this embroidery machine for the decoration of your home decorations and clothing. Large embroidery area measuring 5 × 7 inch provides maximum flexibility for crosslinking your favorite designs. With a built-in USB-port, 136 built projects and a set of hoops for embroidery you can decorate your clothes, pillows and blankets. This special machine is compatible with iBroidery, and you can get more than 5000 projects for purchase.

Starter kit cars DZ820E has high quality embroidery thread for one package stabilizer for your fabric, steel shears and additional bobbins.DZ820E has two additional embroidery hoops to save you time and there are three frames for embroidery, such as 2,5 × 1 inch 5 × 7 × 4 inches and 4 inches. You can get a CD with 200 designs for your custom projects.

Basic functions DZ820E

·                    Touch screen LCD backlit display: monochrome LCD 1.4 × 2.7 inch touch screen available for view integrated lessons and edit a variety of projects .

·                    Built-in memory function: Built-in memory pockets let you store your favorite designs in your machine's memory for later use.

·                    Built-in the USB port: With the USB port, you can easily import your favorite projects in the memory.

·                    Drop down into the bobbin and the Quick Set Jam Resistant Properties: Exclusive drop-down at the top and the load swinging is useful for accurate placement of reels and improve line quality.

·                    Bright work area: easy to see your design with a brightly lit area of the lines. This light is useful for working with your dark fabrics.

·                    Advanced Threading System : In order to take advantage refueling system, simply press its lever located on one side of the machine and thread mechanically at the finish point of each segment of the embroidery.

·                    Fashionable statement: You can give a personalized touch to your accessories and clothing. The CD-ROM is available with 200 designs to help you make your own fashion statement.


·                    LCD screen and touch screen to view the built-in tutorials.

·                    Good for beginners to learn all over tutorials.

·                    Embroidery kit for beginners with many important accessories.


·                    Can ' t be used without computer knowledge.

·                    No software automatic punching.

8. Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine

 With PE525 you can explore the many options available and reliable embroidery. This machine has many unique features for universal embroidery work. After the purchase of this machine, you can update your wardrobe with custom and creative designs. It is easy to create your own blankets and pillows, to turn them into customized gifts.

Users can get an area of 4 × 4 inches for embroidery designs and 120 frame pattern 70 integrated together with five types of fonts for monogramming and lettering. Users can take advantage of a 25-year warranty and online technical support and customer support throughout the entire life of your product.

Highlighted characteristics PE525 machines

·                    Embroidery only Machine: This versatile machine is available with universal functions to decorate clothes, a pillow and a blanket. You can create a variety of embroidery clothing with integrated design or import new projects to increase your creativity.

·                    4 × 4 Embroidery field : You can create beautiful patterns on the 4 × 4 embroidery area and get high-quality results . With the ability to connect to a PC and the built-in memory, you can easily protect your pet projects. You can import projects or third-party sites.

·                    LCD touch screen    and   display with backlight: There's no need to use an external light because you can get an edge display with backlight for viewing projects and tutorials.

·                    Needle Threader (Worry-free): From the carefree automatic needle threader, you can forget about the magnifying glass and tweezers. Autopilot trimmer - is saving in real time, to save you time and reduce the upper and lower streams for you at the touch of a button.


·                    Super light in the machine needle to easily see the fabric.

·                    Bystroslozhnaya reel and inserting system can help you run the reel and leave the coil in place.

·                    Automatically trim the lower and upper thread at the touch of a button.


·                    4 × 4 square embroidery small for many designs .

·                    The device is not compatible with some fonts, such as italics.